19 February 2017 Current Affairs

Nagaland CM TR Zeliang resigned

Nagaland CM TR Zeliang resigned as Chief Minister of State on 17 February 2017. He resigned against the backdrop of widespread protests in the state, which was triggered due to Govt’s decision to reserve 33 percent seats for women in urban local bodies. Zeliang resignation was accepted by the Governor PB. Acharya. Asper reports, the governor has asked zeliang to continue till further arrangements were made.

BCCI General Manager RP. Shah resigned his post
RP Shah one of the three General Managers of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has resigned from his post citing his age reason. Shah was serving as the General Manager (Commercial). The reason is that I am 61-years old. I had taken the decision back in October. There was no pressure or query from the COA.

Lata Mangeshkar honoured with Legendary Award
Indian melody queen Lata Mangeshkar has been honoured with the Legendary Award, 2017 by Brand Laureate. The Brandlaureate Awards recognize world-class achievement in branding amongst individuals and companies. The legendary singer has already been bagged almost all of the music awards in home and abroad. Now this award will add an extra feather in her crown of success.

Maharashtra Approves Rs. 250 crore Cloud Seeding Programme
The State Govt of Maharashtra has approved a Rs.250 crore Cloud Seeding Programme to experiment whether cloud seeding produces sufficient rain. Seeding is a technique which involves spraying chemicals into clouds. Under this programme the weather scientists will fly Aeroplanes loaded with Silver Iodide and Dry ICE over clouds. The programme is coordinated by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology.

INSV Tarini inducted into Indian Navy
Indian Navy’s second ocean going sail boat Tarini was inducted on 18 February 20147 at a ceremony held at the INS Mandovi Boat Pool. INSV Tarini is a sloop built by M/S Aquarius Shipyard PVT Ltd at Divar Goa. The boat draws her origin from the famous Tara Tarini Temple of Orissa’s Ganjam District. The Word Tarini means a Boat and is also a sanskrit word for savior.


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